Happy AnniversaBEE!

Melibee has been quite the journey and we have reached yet another milestone, the one year anniversary of our Innovation Associates, also known as the Melibees/Elderbees.

Since we are Melibee, it seems much more appropriate to celebrate their AnniversaBEE!

Let me tell you a wee bit about why we’re so incredibly grateful for each of them:


ashley houston

Ashley Houston:  Ashley is our midwest bee who has gone rogue and moved to the east coast.  Her adorable midwest accent is one of the incredible charming qualities she possesses!  Ashley is our resident scholar, keeping us informed on the latest trends out there in our field.  She is idealistic and talented in that she naturally connects the dots across education abroad.  Her ability to make lists and cross items off of them puts me to shame!  She is described by her fellow bees as a go getter who has energy, encouraging words, and a make-it-happen-with-a-smile attitude.  She sets an outstanding example for us all.

Maria Snyder

Maria Snyder:  Maria is our BEE abroad, residing in Spain.  She is a constant reminder of the non-US perspective, making her a tremendous asset to the hive.  She is one of those people who simply rolls with it, an attribute that resonates with this team.  Her colleagues describe her as kind, caring, endlessly patient, dependable, and a breeze to collaborate with on Melibee projects.  Even though the time difference presents a number of challenges since most of us Bees are in the States, Maria doesn’t sweat it for a second. One bee told me, “She’s the real deal. Not only does she have valuable advice, her delivery is respectful.”

kyle rausch

Kyle Rausch:  Kyle is our lone male bee and despite being in a hive buzzing with incredible women, he still manages to seriously stand out! It’s hard to narrow down just one inspiring story about Kyle as he always keeps an open door policy and entertains questions with grace.  One of the bees shared how Kyle helped her to find her voice by spending with her her, via Skype, to share specific tips on how to write an effective blog post.  He motivated her to find her niche in blogging, despite having an academic writing background.  Kyle is incredibly humble, efficient, creative and genuinely kind.  He is thoughtful and practices the fine art of reflection, bringing a wisdom well beyond his years to our hive.

lisa zenno of melibee global

Lisa Zenno:  Last, but certainly not least, Lisa is a powerhouse bundled into a strong Third Culture Kid!  Her TCK roots bring a unique perspective to our team.  While she never formally studied abroad, she expresses her struggle with defining home and working through re-entry with the best of them!  Lisa is our “Lead Bee” who leads our team’s organization with her technical mastery and humor.  One bee says “She has a keen eye for design, a creative angle, innovative ideas, and initiative, making it a joy to collaborate on projects with her.”  I’m not quite convinced that Lisa ever sleeps as she is always online and contributing. Always…and with a big smile.

(I would be remiss if I did not also mention Danielle Sleeper, our original superstar of a Lead Bee.  While Danielle is watching our hive from afar, her presence is always felt as she was integral in helping to pick these Melibees.)

Needless to say, you can see why I wake up motivated to collaborate with these fine folks every day (and I haven’t even mentioned the rest of our incredible hive!)  HAPPY ANNIVERSABEE to the most wonderful, talented, funny, creative, inspiring Elderbees around the world.  Keep Buzzing!

Please help us to celebrate the year AnniversaBEE of this fine group of international educators!  You can comment below or jump on our Facebook page and share your congratulations there too!