Interview with Dr. Craig Shealy, Author of the Beliefs, Events and Values Inventory (BEVI)

I had the pleasure of attending the Beliefs, Events and Values Inventory (BEVI) Certification Training in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania (USA) back in June.  The BEVI, created by Dr. Craig Shealy, is an innovative measure designed to assess “worldview shift” as well as the processes and outcomes of international and multicultural learning. This assessment measure uses 18 different scales to understand “who learns what and why, and under what circumstances.”  The BEVI tool is delivered on-line and it takes about 35 minutes to complete. Unlike some other assessment tools, participants are not “graded” on a continuum.  Rather, they are given an individualized report to explain how the BEVI understands his/her world view.

Please enjoy Melibee Global’s interview with Dr. Shealy:

Dr. Shealy mentions that the International Beliefs and Values Institute (IBAVI) is hosting a conference next spring and as its title suggests, Sustainable Visions and Global Values: Placing Local Action into Global Context builds upon the complementary missions of the IBAVI  by facilitating a dynamic process for civic and global engagement through the IBAVI’s six areas of thematic focus:

  • Conflict Resolution—conflicts can be resolved through dialogue, reason, mutual understanding, and reconciliation;
  • Human and Minority Rights—human and minority rights are respected and protected;
  • Sustainability—the natural resources upon which life depends are preserved;
  • Equal Treatment and Access—individuals and groups are neither persecuted nor denied equal access to education or social, legal, political, and economic resources;
  • Global Education—educational systems expose students of all ages to the perspectives of individuals, groups, and cultures around the world; and
  • Religious and Cultural Understanding—tolerance and understanding supplant hatred and violence in matters of cultural difference and religious faith.

I encourage you to share this information with your students, faculty and colleagues. This event looks like a terrific opportunity for meaningful dialogue about the state of our world and how values impact policy around the globe.