Jumo: Global Social Activism Goes Viral

Jumo's current home page

One of Facebook’s co-founders, Chris Hughes, launched a  social media site today that aims to connect users of global social activism through an integrated platform. The new site, “Jumo,” means “together in concert” in the west African language Yoruba and is currently in beta version.

According to the Huffington Post, “… Hughes’ nonprofit, non-partisan venture is a bold declaration that the nonprofit world has finally gone social. The site looks a lot like Facebook and feels a little bit like Twitter and aims to …put people and their experiences front and center.”

His intention for Jumo is to create a deeper connection between users and the causes that they deeply care about, one that extends beyond simply donating funds and walking away. Hughes had a lead role in the digital media plan for President Obama’s campaign – and clearly has the skills to develop such a worthwhile new venture.

Here is Jumo in Hughes’ own words:

Despite such noble intentions, the site had a lot of technical issues at launch today (I suppose that is why it is a beta version!) and unfortunately I could not set up a profile or log in. However, I hope that you will soon be able to view the site and its 3,500 plus groups that are said to represent a variety of social issues from all corners of the globe. Meanwhile, I would recommend that you read Jumo’s FAQ sheet for more information.

I suspect that Jumo will be a favorite site of the college crowd, a group who are increasingly interested in social issues and have an growing desire to take time out of their young lives to volunteer for such key causes at home and abroad.

How do you think Jumo will impact international education? Feel free to comment on how you think educators will utilize Jumo by hitting the “comment” button above on the top right of this post.


  1. Tony Zeoli says:

    I’ll have to try it out for myself. Thanks for the tip on Jumo. There are so many ways to get involved, that it’s hard for any one company today to be heard above the din. Hope Jumo is one of them.

    • Hi Bob! Apparently they overloaded their servers. Poor guy, he’s a FB Harvard genius and marketed it so well that no one has been able to get into the site since their launch! Try back in a few days, hopefully they will have sorted their beta glitches out. Cheers, Missy

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