Livestream Chat with Carrie Wagner – TODAY (11/10/11) at 3 pm EST

© Carrie Wagner

Carrie Wagner will join me, LIVE, at 3 pm EST to talk about her time in Uganda with Habitat for Humanity and global citizenship.  To join us, you simply need to click on the VIDEO in the next column just shy of 3 pm EST.  Be sure to sign into the chat feature so that you can network with others on the livestream and ask Carrie questions.

Carrie is the author of “Village Wisdom:  Immersed in Uganda, Inspired by Job, Changed for Life.”  She is a teacher trainer, educator, professional photographer – and a tremendous inspiration!

NOTE: Livestream is a free service. It is free because they place an ad at the beginning of each video and sometimes a text ad at the bottom of the video. I have no control over the ad selection or frequency, so I apologize in advance. I recommend that you keep your speakers low when you first click into the video as an ad will roll!

We hope to “see you” at 3 pm!