Ramadan: Poetry

Today’s Ramadan guest blog post is a beautiful recorded poem by three spoken word artists:  Will McInerney, Mohammad Moussa and Kane Smego. (Will and Kane are Melibee Global speakers.)

In the summer of 2011 the Poetic Portraits of a Revolution project spent time in Egypt and Tunisia documenting the ongoing popular movements through spoken word poetry. The project sought to use art as a lens to help understand the powerful stories of Egyptians and Tunisians during this transformative time.

This audio recording from North Carolina Public Radio (click on the link called Poetic Portrait of a Revolution) of a poem by Mohammad Moussa, Kane Smego, and Will McInerney was written during their stay in Tunisia. The poem was composed during the beginning of Ramadan and reflects upon the many sacrifices Tunisians continue to make.
Spoken word artists Kane Smego and Will McInerney on the set of Poetic Portraits of a Revolution.