Reframing Mexico: Tool for Educators

The University of North Carolina’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication (US) and Tec de Monterrey University (Mexico) partnered together to create this outstanding educational website called Reframing Mexico.”  The site explores various social, economic and personal stories as a way to reframe Mexico as more than a country that recalls “drug war.”  Instead, we see video storytelling of daily lives of every day people in Mexico City, one of the largest capitol cities in the world.  We hear Rogelio’s return from the US to Mexico and the loss of his son, Alonso’s desire to stay in his country while most of his wealthy friends depart for the US for college, and Tania’s struggle raising her baby son in prison. All twelve stories are available in English or Spanish, making this an excellent resource for language teachers as well as those in the Social Sciences. A section of the site is dedicated to interactive infographics.  The “migrate” interactive game illustrates the extreme danger in attempting to cross the US border illegally while the Pepandors section explains the practice of picking through garbage to find recyclable goods for sale.

Here is an example of one of the videos (with English translations): 

Be sure to pass this exciting new resource to your language and social sciences departments!  Kudos to UNC and Tec for illustrating the power of collaboration across cultures.