Rudy Guede Denies Allegations of Fellow Prisoner in the Knox/Kercher Case

CBS news reported that Rudy Guede has denied the allegations of his prison mate, Mario Alessi, and claims that he is completely innocent in the murder of study abroad student Meredith Kercher.  Alessi was sentenced for kidnapping and murdering a 2 year old Italian boy.

The written denial by Guede has been released to the media.  

Mr. Alessi claims that Guede told him that he and another man stopped by Ms. Kercher’s home and when they tried to engage her in a threesome, she refused, which resulted in her being attacked by the other man. He also alleges that Mr. Guede stated that he was in the bathroom at the time of Ms. Kercher’s knifing and that he stayed at the property until she had stopped breathing, but that the other man had left after telling him that she must die.

Supporters of Ms. Kercher are quick to remind us that Mr. Alessi is a vicious man who murdered a crying 2 year old boy with a shovel and therefore is not a source to be replied upon.

The saga continues…