Short Term Study Abroad: A New Perspective

Actionable ideas. That is what I want when I’m attending a workshop. I want to leave that session feeling inspired.  I want to race back to my workspace with my list of actionable ideas that I will actually make the time to act on.

I’m really proud of the work that has been put into this new teleworkshop:  Short-Term Study Abroad Crossroads: Where Planning Missteps Meet Cultural Blunders.

Really proud.

Part 1 will include budgets and marketing of short term study abroad programs. Some of that is pretty straightforward information, especially budgets. But this is Melibee Global partnering with Small Planet Studio, so there is always a twist. We will weave in how campus politics impact these two areas. When we get to marketing, we’ll explore the Joneses, cows, pins, clouds, plan B, thinking like students and much more.

I’m even MORE excited about Part 2 of this teleworkshop.  We’ll talk about safety and emergency planning – a hot topic indeed.  But when we get to CULTURE – watch out!  My co-presenter, Cate Brubaker, and I will surprise you with the content.  I think it touches on revolutionary. Ok, it is forward thinking, at least!

And actionable.

Intrigued?  I hope so.

Please join us. You may register anytime (Even if you miss Part 1 on July 12th, you can register and receive the recording – and then participate live in Part 2, or listen to the recording later.)