Short-Term Study Abroad Crossroads: Where Planning Missteps Meet Cultural Blunders

I recently presented on the subject of Short Term Study Abroad Program Planning: Top 5 Missteps with Cate Brubaker from Small Planet Studio.  I am humbled that we received such kind feedback and a request for more on the subject.  We aim to please, so developed the following new teleworkshop:

Short-Term Study Abroad Crossroads: Where Planning Missteps

Meet Cultural Blunders

I’m taking the liberty of copying the following information from Small Planet Studio, Melibee’s partner on this teleworkshop. Cate Brubaker and I hope you’ll join us! Please note the special pricing (today and tomorrow only) at the bottom – and you can register via Small Planet Studio.

Does This Sound Familiar? You…

  • currently work with short-term study abroad programs or want to do so
  • lose sleep at night thinking about the enormity of planning these programs
  • were unable to attend this year’s NAFSA or the Forum on Education Abroad conferences
  • want to enhance your students’ learning experiences and maximize efficiency


Welcome to the…

Short-Term Study Abroad Crossroads: Where Planning Missteps Meet Cultural Blunders {TeleWorkshop}

It was made just for you.

What we have for you:

  • Two 90-minute live sessions chock full of practical solutions to the most pressing problems in short-term study abroad programming
  • Opportunities to ask questions (via email and during the live calls)
  • Recordings of each live session
  • A program planning toolkit
  • Bonus web resources
  • Backchannel for participant idea exchange

You will gain knowledge of vital planning, logistical, and cultural components that must be considered when exploring short-term study abroad program development. You will receive detailed and specific examples of missteps and blunders that will help you to craft actionable steps required to develop and deliver more safe, sound, and sustainable short-term programs abroad.

In two 90-minute sessions, we’ll cover 4 topics. We know we’ll talk about:

  • marketing
  • culture
  • emergency planning
  • budgets

We’ll hold the teleclasses on July 12th & 19th (both Tuesdays) from 3:00-4:30pm Eastern.

Can’t join one or both of the live calls? No worries. We’ll post a recording of each session on the class website for you to listen to at your convenience (you can even download them to your iPod). If you submit questions via email before the sessions, we’ll make sure to answer them on the live call.

This workshop is especially useful for study abroad program administrators, faculty interested leading programs abroad, and graduate students entering the field. If your institution’s faculty handbook needs to be resuscitated, this workshop is appropriate for you.

We’re offering all this for only $79. Why such a low price? In short: we’ve been there. We know what’s it like to be asked to do more with less. To not be able to sleep at night because you’re under pressure to deliver the highest quality programs at the lowest price possible. We want to help you get a good night’s sleep.

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Thanks for your interest,

Missy and Cate

Melibee Global/Small Planet Studio