Speaking to Change our World


As we approach our fourth year in the Melibee hive, I thought it was time to talk about why I put together a grouping of speakers.

First, let me introduce you to some of them…

Does that make your hair on your arms stand up?  I hope so, because knowing these people personally, I can assure you that they will wow your audience. I call them “smart phone worthy.”  That means that they will either have your audience putting down their smart phones while they present OR picking up them up to tweet/instagram/Facebook them to the world.

Why? Because they’re inspiring.  Authentic.  Meaningful.  Game changers.  Carriers of sustainable messages.  Emotional.  Creative.  Motivating.

That is why I created the Melibee speaker series.

I also did so because I feel there is a lack of creative public speaking going on in higher education and in corporations that typically bring in the “big name” to impress the audience.  They spend tens of thousands to do so … and while impressive in the moment, the energy and message often do not last for more than a day.

Yet, I find that the Melibee speakers make a lasting impression and that is why I selected them from the corners of my rolodex, from recommendations from colleagues and friends, and from my own research.speakerswithoutlink

I am a firm believer that creativity needs to be injected into our higher education and work spaces.  These men and women (ranging from twenty-something to sixty-something years old) have done so for me and my team.  I hope that you’ll consider listening in and checking out what lasting impression they can have for your organization.

Now let’s talk about the “elephant in the room.” You’re all busy. I get that. I know what you may be thinking…”I have a deadline to meet so don’t have time” or “We’re required to do more with less” or “I’m so burnt out that I really can’t fight one more budget battle to find funds for something like this.”

I’ve been there.  I get it.

And I’ve done something about it because if this hive is going to “BEE the change we want to see in the world,” we  all must act. I set up these speakers so that you have an easy, one stop shop, “go to” place to find inspirational speakers for your organization.  I understand that finding money can be tough, so my team and I are even able to find suggestions for people in your organization to partner with so that you aren’t bearing the burden of “one more thing to do.”  (And there is NO additional cost for us to help with this.)

The Melibees and I make it as easy as it can “bee.”  We promise!

So, before you call your local social sciences department for the “go to person” for International Education Week or reach out to another Fortune 500 executive for another “golf buddy” to talk motivation, consider the Melibee speakers.

I assure you, you will NOT be disappointed.  In fact, I’m quite confident that you’ll too be putting down (or picking up) that smart phone too for all the right reasons!

Thanks for your support.  If you want to help us spread the word and keep costs of speakers as low as possible, please share this post via social media.  Better yet, email it to someone who is looking for a speaker for their organization.  We are grateful!

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