Thanksgiving Gratitude: Knowing our Culinary History

The true Indigenous people of what we now call Massachusetts, USA.

We typically write a Thanskgiving post each November. We are proud of what we write here at the hive – but we also recognize when someone else hits the nail perfectly on the head – and that creates a need to share instead of to try to reproduce.

This year’s post will instead be a link to the incredibly powerful article written by Melibee speaker, Michael Twitty, a culinary historian, two time James Beard award winner, author (The Cooking Gene – read it)!, and one of the most fascinating people on the planet.

Michael Twitty, culinary historian and speaker of truth! (He is also available for speaking engagements through Melibee Global.)

We at the hive have so very much to be grateful for…and this year we add this incredible piece of truthful writing to the list! (Be sure to watch the Guardian’s video at the end of the piece – it actually explains what food was really available and likely eaten back then!)

Here it the article/video!