Thanksgiving Gratitude

This year I am especially grateful for the team I am blessed to work with.

We call our interns “The Melibees!”

Using the brilliant poetry training that we received from Melibee speakers Will McInerney and Kane Smego, I wrote this as a way to express my deep gratitude for this team.

The Gratitude Waggle

Melibee stung the internet 3 years ago

But flew solo for far too long.

The sojourner needed a co-pilot.  Or a swarm.

Then came the Melibees, waggling

Transporting nectar

To the rescue.

Carrying their backpacks to the peace hive,

And the Gen Y language of sweet honey and sticky culture

They transported the blooming idea into a buzzing youth hostel

A hive for creating, packing, pollinating.

On this Thanksgiving, I am grateful.

Not only for the history they create

But for the journey.

They are truly

the Bee’s knees.

Wishing you all a beautiful Thanksgiving with your hive!


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