Top 10 International Traveler Gift Ideas for the Holidays

(Since this post was written, I have added a much larger list of recommendations. If you like the ideas here, be sure to visit the Melibee shop for books, dvds, travel items and games that world travelers will enjoy too! Some of the items listed in this post will be cheaper in the shop. Happy Holidays!)

With the holidays quickly approaching in the US, here are this year’s top 10 international traveler gift ideas. (Please note that i have not personally tried each of these specific products – so you should research what will work best for you and your travel needs or that of the person you are giving the gift to) :

1)  iphone pic translator is a great gift for an iphone junkie! For $4.99 USD one can download this tool that allows you to take a photo of sign or menu in several languages and translate it into English.  It also tells you how to pronounce the words that you photograph for translation!  Here is a video showing how the tool works:

Here is how you can purchase the tool.

2) This flexible tripod, called a Gorillapod, is a great way to pack lightly and capture all those photos you want, particularly if you’re traveling solo.  I love the design on this one – it is quirky and clever!

3) Vinni Bags are perfect for protecting those precious bottles of wine, oils and other liquids that you buy abroad.

4) A Davie-Bar is a great gift, particularly for women travelers.  This product is a door jammer, making it difficult for someone to enter through a traditional hotel room door.

5) This watercolor travel set is perfect for the artist in each of us.  While we have learned to rely on our technology to document our sojourns, sometimes taking the time to simply draw what you see is much more meaningful.

6) A quick drying travel towel is a MUST for frequent travelers – and something that most won’t purchase but will appreciate as a gift!

7)  A filtered water bottle helps to minimize any toxins in your water – and it should be used at home too (our tap water in the US is horribly full of toxins!)

8)  In lieu of a gift you can volunteer for an international organization in your community or make a donation to an organization that supports socially responsible entrepreneurship, such as Ashoka.

9)  Shop at a fair trade store like Ten Thousand Villages. Here is a post I wrote about them earlier this year.

10)   Travel compression socks are a great gift for anyone who flies a lot and feels the pain of cramped legs and lethargy after a long flight. These socks stimulate blood flow and reduce swelling after a long flight:

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