Upcoming Training Opportunity: BEVI (Beliefs, Events and Values Inventory)

While at the Forum on Education Abroad conference in Charlotte, North Carolina (USA) this past March, I had the pleasure of attending a session about BEVI:  Beliefs, Events, and Values Inventory. This analytical tool helps people understand better what they believe and value about themselves, others, and the world at large, and how such beliefs and values may – or may not – be conducive to learning, personal growth, relationships and the pursuit of life goals.

Dr. Craig Shealy, Professor of Graduate Psychology at James Madison University and Executive Director of the International Beliefs and Values Institute (IBAVI), will be conducting a certification training on the BEVI on June 10th and 11th at the campus of Brethren College Abroad in Elizabethtown, PA.

By attending BEVI Certification Workshop, participants receive the most recent edition of the BEVI Test Manual, sample reports, background readings and materials, and a BEVI Certificate of Completion, which is valid for two years (i.e., recertification is required after two years). BEVI Certified Administrators also receive periodic updates about the BEVI, notification of upcoming publications, and symposia, and other relevant materials. Because institutions and organizations that subscribe to the BEVI are automatically granted membership in the International Beliefs and Values Institute (IBAVI), all of the benefits of IBAVI membership are granted to BEVI Certified Administrators (see www.ibavi.org). Successful completion of the two day workshop results in BEVI Certification, which allows the certificate holder to supervise the administration of the BEVI within their institution or organization according to the guidelines that are provided in the workshop.

There is still time to register for the BEVI Certification Training Workshop. Forum on Education Abroad member institutions will receive a 25% discount at registration.  I will be attending and will have the opportunity to interview Dr. Shealy while I’m in Pennsylvania, so definitely look for a follow up post in mid June.

Meanwhile, please visit the BEVI website for more information.

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