Update: Amanda Knox/Meredith Kercher case

Rudy Guede, Amanda Knox, Raffaelo Sollecito


(the post below is from 2008.)

On Friday, News agencies reported that new evidence has surfaced that supports that Amanda Knox and Raffaelo Solecitto were not in her and Meredith Kercher’s Italian residence at the time of the murder of Ms. Kercher.

Rudy Guede, convicted of murdering Ms. Kercher, is said to have confided in his cellmate, Mario Alessi, allegedly stating that a second man was the murderer in this case and that neither Ms. Knox or Mr. Sollecito were in the home at the time.

While Ms. Knox’s case is under appeal and new evidence is not permissible in an appeal in Italy, this certainly adds a new twist to this already complicated case. The appeal will be based on a careful dissection of a recently released report that details the reasons for the guilty verdict.  Ms. Knox’s attorney claims there are gross inconsistencies that will serve as grounds for the appeal.  One example is that the court found that it was not a premeditated murder, but Ms. Knox’s father, Curt Knox, asks why his daughter would carry a kitchen knife with her from Ms. Sollecito’s house to her own?  The court document references a second knife that was not raised in court, suggesting that perhaps the first knife was not used in the murder. More details on the inconsistencies can be found in this Seattle news video.

It will take at least 9 months before a new judge and jury will hear her case.


  1. Teresa says:

    Will any sane human being put any store in what Guede's baby killer cell mate says? YIKES!!!

  2. jim says:

    all this news is coming from Seattle, no one else BBC, CNN reoprted it. can u pl stop the propaganda, i dont know if u also heard that came out yesterday only that rudy guede has not only denied saying such thing, but also he is sueing this jailmate for defaming him. this jailmate is a child killer serving life sentence looking for a plea deal. the reason why this case is complicated is becuz there are 3 compulisive liars invloved, amanda knox started the first lie ,then her boyfriend and this guy rudy. its lies after lies and people like u are just feeding lies to the public, becuz amanda's family is paying lowlives and dumbases like u. if this is all true that they were not there at all, then why did amanda had to lie about not being there.? also whydid the boyfriend also contradicted her. most interesting part of all is that why didn't guede tell about this mystery man to begin with at least to avoid the jail? even amanda falsely accused her black boss to save her ass, but ofcourse it was a lie as usual.

    • Thank you Teresa and Jim for your comments. Please know that I am not being paid by anyone to write this blog. I do not know the Knox or Kercher families and as I have stated before in other postings about this case, I have no idea if Amanda Knox is guilty. Certainly, from the comments today and the press coverage that this case has garnered, there are strong and emotional opinions about this case. As a professional in the field of international education, I write about this case because Amanda Knox and Meredith Kercher were both study abroad students.

  3. jim says:

    ell missy gluckman, if u read the judge's report h is only saying that motive wasn't there but amanda and her boyfriend committed it accordingly. there are manymurdercases where motive is not there. . all circumstantial evidence is there. in USA there are many guilt found on circumstantial evidences. . what is the most convincing point is that why did the cops only suspected her and the boyfriend and not all other roomates living in that cottage? everyone gave corroborating accounts except these 2. becuz they were lying from the start and continue to do so even to this day. why lie if u are innocent /?why blame it on an another person if she is innocent?. there is only one answer tto this question: becuz she is guilty

    • Hi Jim – thank you for your comment. There are two sides to each story – the Knox family definitely believes that they have explained the inconsistencies. As I've stated, I have no idea what happened – I was not there. And I don't know either family and am not being paid by anyone to comment on this case.

  4. Mariam says:

    Giuliano Mignini, the prosecutor in Amanda's case, who proved to be criminal himself, and was arrested could be the one who murdered the British girl (not himself, of course, it was ordered murder). Since he kept lists of all of his critics he called 'Attackers" then it is characteristic to him to get back at such people with revenge. His revenge is, of course, very intricate, built around his experience with working with criminals, so he uses his knowledge to do criminal actions to get back at people who detects his wrong doings. He is mafia, may be even part of a large ring of mafia who work inside the law institutions and support each other. Amanda is just am innocent lamb that got into the situation accidentally, while the revenge of a crazy prosecutor was aimed at her boyfriend's, perhaps, family member or relative. Amanda became victim of internal affairs of Italian people. That makes it even more necessary to actively fight for her freedom.

  5. Mariam says:

    It is also possible that Meredith Kercher was killed instead of Amanda by mistake by the hired killer. Amanda is a victim of some mafia revenge to the family of Soleccito. Could Meredith be an innocent revenge object for her family's actions towards Mignini? It is also possible. Was Amanda's family or relatives on Mignini's 'Attacker's"list? That is possible too. In either case, Amanda is innocent as well as her boyfriend.

  6. Neda says:

    They said DNA was found on Meredith Kercher from Rudy Guede. Could it be possible that he raped her? She threatened to talk, was probably overly flustered and freaking out, so Rudy killed her. When the couple entered the premises, they found the aftermath and Rudy lied to them? Just a thought.

  7. Christypepper says:

    I do not believe that she commited this crime how do u go from straight A student to cold harted murder just because she smoked a little weed and was grisly with a new boyfriend does not make her a killer shame on italy

  8. Nonyabeezzwax says:

    I think amanda knox is innocent those people have no proof I mean you cant say amanda knox stole a cookie and her belly is empty, has no, crumbs on her face, nor her mouth smells like it. Thats not proof.

  9. Kristinemonti says:

    I am just now TYING to understand all of what Could have happened. Unfortunatly i watched the lmn movies b4 really knowing anything about the incident. Its unfortunate that the movie, I feel, depicted Ms. Knox as an unsympathetic roommate/friend, and then guilty of the crime. I thinkshe has been exploited because of her age and naiveity. She was a 20 yr old young girl away from home and maybe being a little immature w/ her sex life, but thats just it…Shes young and i think she was scared…no terrified, but i dont think she murdered ANYONE.Hopefully this new case will unlock and show the several inconsistencies that led to the ruin of a lot of peoples lives.

  10. James says:

    the whole investigation is a joke …yes amanda and her ex boyfriend lied… but think about this intarigations dont work all ur going to get out of it is a scard person and lies…when your yelling at a young woman or anyone at all calling them a liar and treating them and possibly hiting them and then you sujest a name to a confused and extreamly stressed out person there going to imagine things that have never happend just to get out of the situation at that time ….. the only thing that will actualy get you the truth is fear of death and you cant legaly do that so Good luck …also theres little to no evidence to prove that the ex lovers had any part of the murder and the existing evdence points only to Rudy Guede . come on seriously the evidences never lies.. it can only be contaminated by poor police work….. the Death of Meredith Kercher is tragic and makes me extreamly sad that a beautiful young womans life was taken for resions that are unknown ….because the cases were at different times and the facts that there are wilthheald evidence by the prosicution that the cases should be drops and a formal appoligy to MKs familys for the poor police work that would and should lead to a tossed case…if they actualy did it its the prosicutions fault and the polices fault that 2 murders were released because of lack of evidence…..my personal option i do not think that they commited the crimes and i think that Rudy Guede is the lone killer in this crime .. PS i do relise that my spelling is extreamily bad and im sorry about that i spelled everything to the best of my abiiltys …. i had ADHD when i was a kid and well spelling wasnt something that came easy so please bear with me thx

    • Missy Gluckmann says:

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts James. Will be interesting to see how the appeal turns out.

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