10 Random Thoughts


These have floated through my head, so I’m sharing them with you. Would love to hear your feedback in the comments section below this post:

1) Americans tend to over think things.  As a result, we complicate matters unnecessarily at times.

2) I decided to extend the “early bee” deadline for the Melibee Swarm because so many of you are just getting back to school for the fall (or putting your own children in school) and it is a busy time of year – and you might just need that extra 10 days or so to register for the most innovative gathering of the year – and still feel sane.

3) Which reminds me how MUCH I’ve been thinking about culture lately.  Perhaps, with all IDI

the violence in the world these days, we should be talking more about our common experiences as humans.  I realize that this “stop” on the Intercultural Development Continuum is not where we ultimately want to be, yet for so many who are stuck on Denial or Polarization, it is a step in a more informed direction.

4)  I’m seeing many friends sent their beautiful children off to college this month.  I’m also seeing looks of sheer panic about the cost.  Why is it so expensive?  What are each of us doing to speak out against this at our own campuses?  Sometimes I wonder if the strategy of SIOs and shareholders is to keep us so busy that we don’t have to the time to organize to really make a statement about this?

Our current team of Melibees. I love each of them for so many reasons. Such tremendous heart in this group!

5) I’m so proud of past and present Melibees (people who are on our team or have been)! Several have landed jobs that they have waited patiently for and are bringing the Melibee philosophy into the world – “beeing” the change and using their voices.  I am a glowing Queen Bee as a result, that is for certain!

6) I feel a shift – something is changing. Perhaps I am aware of little things in the world because my dear childhood friend is dying of cancer and I’m noticing how precious life is these days.  Seem to be in a space of re-prioritizing again.  Do you feel it too?

7) Life is more meaningful when I am reading a great book.  I can’t suffer through a mediocre book these days – life is too short.  I still tend to lean toward stories that cross cultures.  They touch my heart when they’re well written and inform me too.

8) There are a lot of unemployed people who are trying to work in the field of international education.  It hurts to see them struggling so.  In an effort to “bee” the change, we recently hosted a session on this topic with Tom Millington from Abroadia.com.  Yet, I feel like I can do more.  I did set up an unemployed bee rate for the Swarm, but perhaps I can set up more time on MelibeeU to brainstorm with and to support this population.  Would you all like that?

9) I find myself thinking about Cuenca, Ecuador – where we lived for 2 months in 2013/14.  I

A sign that Melibee is always with me - ice cream in Quito, Ecuador!
A sign that Melibee is always with me – “Very irresistible ice cream of the honey bee” in Quito, Ecuador!

really missed Ecuador this past week. Perhaps I just missed the feeling of being out of my comfort zone?  I find myself wanting to travel again – somewhere.  Road trips aren’t quite enough for my wandering spirit (although, of course, I do love to see family and friends!)

10)  Being an entrepreneur has been a tremendous gift in my life.  It has validated so many aspects of who I am.  It is also one of the toughest jobs I’ll ever love!  I’ve found myself dreaming of my work this past two weeks.  I think it is because I need a few more dozen hands to help out, yet we’re not in a position yet to go that route.  Yet, I am incredibly grateful that some challenging life circumstances pushed me to try this path.  It is one I adore and has led to so many beautiful opportunities in this world.  It reminds me how important it is to be grateful for all the moments – even those that seem beyond comprehensible. Even those can led to a journey that is unforgettable – if you trust the universe on it.


  1. Thank you for sharing these thoughts. Your hive activities have been inspirational to me as I attempt to incorporate global concerns into my university course (especially Social Psychology) and build into them opportunities to improve the human condition. I often find solace and hope in the good work that you and others like Eric Whitacre (https://ericwhitacre.com/the-virtual-choir) and Julie Lindsay (https://flatconnectionsglobalproject.net/profile/julielindsay) have shared. Keep following your dreams.

  2. Thank you for the kind words Professor Simpson and for the work that you do. I appreciate that you shared these additional resources too! Let’s keep “beeing” the change. All the best to you.

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