Melibee Swarm Update – Action Needed!

Action needed!  Please read on!

Note: Since posted on Friday, we reached our goal! Thank you everyone who helped to spread the word! There is still space – so please do register and join us for an innovative gathering – one you will soon not forget!

I created the Swarm on Culture, Identity and Perspective because there is a true need for us to explore intercultural competency in a new way in our work and lives.  It is a joyful and exciting experience to build the itinerary, work with the speakers to develop the presentations, and to imagine what the roster of people already registered coming together will be like once they meet in a common space.  (We have registrants from universities and organizations in North Carolina, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, New Mexico, Connecticut, South Carolina, New York and more!)

What makes planning an epic Swarm challenging and stressful? Dealing with the financials! Ugh, that is always the “not so fun” part.  One of the biggest challenges is converting people’s words (I’m definitely coming) to action (I’ve registered).  Because it is the start of a semester, people are insanely busy and the actual registration part is on the “to do” list.

We have an early bee special that ends on Monday, September 8th.  Then we go to “regular” registration rates, which are still highly competitive for what we are offering.  But we do need to finalize plans by next week to move ahead (or not).

Here is the situation: We need TEN more registrants to Swarm.swarmimagecommons

Ten. Dieci.  Goma. Diez. とお.ʿAšarä, Tien. Deka. दश. 

No matter the language, it is only ten more paid registrants needed!

Small enough number, right? But it is the difference between us Swarming or not – and we desperately want to Swarm with you!  We are SO close to green lighting this incredibly innovative event.  One of my goals is to show the world that we CAN “bee the change” and host a conference at a fraction of the price while doing innovative things like offering an unemployed person rate.  

How can you help us get there?

1) if you plan to Swarm with us, will you consider registering now?

2) you can share the Swarm website with anyone who may be interested, ideally in a personalized email or phone call? Here is the link:

3) you can also share it via social media – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIN, etc.

Thank you for taking the time to help us move from theory (we have a conference planned) to action (we are in the throes of planning the details).

TEN…TEN…TEN – we are THAT close!

Join us, won’t you?