GoAbroad Innovation Awards

go abroad innovation awards finalists 2013 melibee global

Melibee is about inspiring innovative international ideas.  Today, we learned that GoAbroad.com selected Melibee Global’s re-entry tool, Beyond Abroad:  Innovative Re-entry Exercises beyond abroad innovative re-entry exercises
as a finalist in their Innovative Technology category. (Here are all the categories and finalists!)

My response:  I am proud and I am humbled.  I’m also waggling.  (Yes, that is a bee dance! We’re slightly obsessed with bees around here, especially how they take from beautiful flowers and do no harm.)

Ok, back to being proud and humble!  Can one really be BOTH at the same time?

Yes.  Yes.  Yes.

I am incredibly proud of the team that worked on this project.  During the creative process we knew it was going to be an innovative product. We strove to create ongoing dialogue about re-entry in an effort to make it easier for our colleagues to enhance dialogue about culture and re-entry on campuses and in 3rd party partner organizations.  This tool was designed to encourage re-entry dialogue to continue over months and even years. We achieved this through a re-entry forum AND by incorporating the use of technology into appropriate re-entry exercises.

This team’s ability to be willing to completely ignore “the box” that we’re so often told to “think outside of ” and instead explore the possibilities in a limitless, expansive fashion makes me this Queen Bee incredibly proud. we only think outside the box

I am humbled too.  In my wildest dreams I never imagined that my colleagues would give Melibee the opportunity to engage innovative ideas, which at times border on outlandish, in an effort to contribute something original to our field.

As we are big believers in the power of collaboration, we’d  like to congratulate all of the other organizations that also landed on this incredible list!  Well done!

The Melibees and I would also like to congratulate the people not on the list too – those who work tirelessly every day to move our field forward an inch or a mile.

Let’s keep going!  As we say here at Melibee, BUZZ ON!



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