Update from the Melibee Global Hive

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You may have noticed that we haven’t been blogging as much as we normally do this time of year.  This is because we have been diligently working behind the scenes on some major changes and new ideas here at Melibee Global.  Let me give you a quick idea of what is happening behind the scenes in our very busy, buzzy hive!

<<< Brief interruption for applause here please:  The work that we’re doing would not be possible without the incredible team we have on board – so here is a quick shout out to Kyle, Lisa, Maria, Ashley, Kate K, Carrie, Katy R, Gerry, Tara, Diana and Sarah!  Props to the Melibee street team who are doing a great job of spreading the honey too! >>>

Drum roll, please…

  • The Melibee webpage:  Our web page will be undergoing a MAJOR overhaul this summer.  We are in the planning stages and I’m ridiculously excited about what we have in store for you.  While this process will take months to complete, please know that the site will include better navigation about WHO we are and WHAT we actually do!  A new logo will better represent the mission of Melibee also!
  • MelibeeU:  We are in the planning stages, focusing on the fall schedule.  This includes not only determining which new webinars to add, but how often and at what price point.  MelibeeU is known for delivering quality, unique webinars that cost 25-30% less than other international education organizations  (and that don’t require a costly “membership”) AND offering full time student rates for many of our sessions.  We expect to add some inspiring new sessions,  including an offering by David Comp of IHEC and TaNesha Barnes of the Beyond the Surface Critical Thinking and Social Justice Academy.  melibee-U-logo-250x5611
  • Melibee speakers:  This service is one that is near and dear to my heart as I’ve hand selected each of our speakers because they have personally inspired me.  We are adding new speakers for the fall, including Daniela Papi, a forward thinking social entrepreneur and educator.  We are making an effort to add more diverse speakers also. After all, the world is not made up only of inspiring, white men, is it?
  • Projects:  Melibee hit a milestone this year when it launched our first re-entry tool, Beyond Abroad: Innovative Re-entry Exercises.  re-entry exercises
    This year we are working on several new projects that focus on pre-departure as well as improving the quality of education abroad experience.  The latter project will result in a FREE website that is expected to launch pre-NAFSA’s national conference in St. Louis!  There are other projects underway too, but these are the two that are consuming the incredible positive energy of our hive these days.
  • The blog:  Perhaps what attracts most people to our site is our blog.  We will be continuing our “How to Meet People Abroad” series each month as part of our commitment to encouraging immersion experiences outside of one’s home country.  In addition, the Melibees will continue guest blogging on a variety of subjects in the coming months.  We will have a more regular blogging schedule, once the new Melibee Global site launches in late summer.
  • Video:  You’ll begin to notice an increase in video thanks to our digital media whiz, Tara Nygaard.  As the younger folks say, “she’s got skillz!”  I just say she is a talented bee that is adding even more honey to our already sweet hive.  I warn you though – you will DROP when you see our first video.  It is VERY Melibee in its style and approach. We are confident that our field is VERY ready for this kind of message!

The Melibees and I are looking forward to sharing more details with you soon.  Meanwhile, thanks for dropping by the Melibee hive! If you can help us spread the word about what we do, please feel free to share this post with your colleagues, friends and family.  Social media is the easiest way to spread the “buzz”, so click on the Facebook and other buttons at the top of this post.  Many thanks!

As we say at the hive, buzz on!