Honoring Inspirational Moms – #GivingTuesday


We all have someone in our life that encouraged us, without condition, to grow and occupy space on this planet with intention.  In my case, my parents served in this important role – teaching me about social justice, diversity, and travel – near and far from home.

Thankfully, my dad is still here to teach and guide me, but by Mom, Jane, isn’t.  She passed away 30 long years ago, but if you have a wonderful mother who has passed away, you’ll know that it feels like yesterday.  Like a kick in the gut, still.  It has been so long that I don’t know what it is like to complain about a mom checking in on her kid, coming over to watch her grandson, hosting a holiday for her family and those that drew no bloodlines but had her heart.

I miss her.


30 years later, I was prompted by my colleague/friend’s loss of his mom to figure out a way to honor my mom, Jane. Kyle had just lost his young mom, Carol, unexpectedly, and it seemed obvious that we could pair together to pay it forward and to honor our moms.

So we did.

Today is Giving Tuesday. It is a day to remember that life isn’t about wrapping a present for someone in December only. It is a day to give without condition and to support the work of various organizations in countless ways.

You can read more about the two women who not only inspired us to study abroad, but to care and act in community on this planet – my mom Jane Gluckmann and Kyle’s Carol Rausch – here.

Today, Kyle and I ask you go consider donating a mere $10 (or more) to our mom’s scholarship. And if you can’t spare $10 or more, we ask that you share this post so that Giving Tuesday can become Giving Everyday!

Kyle and I each made a short video about #GivingTuesday – please listen in and do what you can to “bee the change” you want to see in this world.  (And if you’d like to donate, hit the “DONATE” button in this link and be sure to pick JANE GLUCKMANN AND CAROL RAUSCH GO GLOBAL SCHOLARSHIP from the drop down box once you hit the donate button!)

Kyle, I, and our families and friends are grateful for your support.

Note: Inspired by Kyle’s volunteer comment, I too will donate TWO hours per every $100 raised.  🙂