International Education and Crossing Cultures – A New Google Group

2014_MelibeeSwarm (70)There is a new virtual space to discuss international education and crossing cultures – International Education and Crossing Cultures is live!

This group is for anyone who is interested in international education and crossing cultures (education abroad, travel, language, K-12, higher ed, cultural training, etc). It is meant to be a place for authentic dialogue/information sharing. The only thing we ask if that you please be thoughtful about how/what you share and how often.

Why did I set this group up?  I feel like we often work in silos when it comes to talking about crossing cultures. For example, we have a group for “study abroad” (Secuss-L) and regional groups that are very specific to physical location and/or professions in international education, but there isn’t a space that is open to a more BROAD range of conversation about crossing cultures – whether it is for work, travel or personal/professional development.

I also find that the rules and behaviors of people in some of these traditional groups/listservs are a bit limiting – e.g. setting a maximum number of posts (which I don’t understand – aren’t groups ABOUT dialogue)?

Join the list and start a GREAT conversation – or jump on one already in progress!  Simply click here or use this link: