Video Interview with Arnd Wächter, Director of “Crossing Borders” Film

Missy Gluckmann, Founder of Melibee Global with Arnd Wächter, Founder of Crossing Borders Education

I had the pleasure of crossing paths with Arnd Wächter while at a recent meeting at the Institute of International Education.  You may recall that I had arranged for Arnd to screen his film, “Crossing Borders“, in early April at Western Connecticut State University (WCSU). While in the U.S., Arnd traveled to Washington DC for several meetings to discuss the film with organizations and schools.

His meeting at IIE, on his final day in the U.S., conveniently coincided with a training that I was attending.  I managed to steal him for a few minutes to hear more about his vision for Crossing Borders. I was particularly inspired to do so after seeing the response of students at WCSU. Several students who attended the screening wrote “extra credit” papers for one of the Political Science classes.  The professor of the course felt it was important to share them with me as the students commented very candidly on their own stereotypes of the Muslim world. One wrote about how ashamed he felt after seeing this film because he realized that he made assumptions about these people without any facts.

As you have read in my other postings, “Crossing Borders” is a must see film.  To learn more about the film and Arnd Wächter, please enjoy this 10 minute interview (and many thanks to Digital Strategy Works for shooting and editing this interview on such short notice)


  1. Tom Millington says:


    I enjoyed the interview with Arnd Wächter. Could you tell me how I may order "Crossing Borders?"



    • Hi Tom! Thanks for your kind note. The documentary is not for sale yet – however, if you're interested in a campus screening, I am happy to ask Arnd to contact you. Let me know. Cheers, Missy

  2. Lynne Eustis says:

    Missy, do you know when the documentary is schedule to go on sale? If not for some time, I am interested in exploring the possibility of a campus screening of this documentary at the University of Maine at Farmington. Can you provide any details or shall I just contact Arnd directly? Thanks!

    • Hi Lynne. The film has not been scheduled to go on sale yet, but I will be happy to ask Amalia (Arnd's colleague) to contact you directly. Expect an email from her soon (she is in Spain.) Thanks for your support of such an important film.

  3. Linda Baggett says:

    I am also interested in showing a campus screening. Please have Arnd contact me with further information. Thanks!

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