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Children, Cairo and Connecticut – Eight Years Later

The year was 2003 and I was working at the world's largest international relocation company. At the time it was called Cendant Mobility - today it is called Cartus. I had left a career in international education to pursue one in international relocation and human resource consulting, but as a native New Yorker, I was still reeling from 9/11, wondering what could I do to make this planet we temporarily occupy a more understanding and caring place.

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Reflections on Emergency Planning for Advisers of Study Abroad Students in Egypt

Egypt. It IS the news. But when you're a study abroad adviser who had sent students to Egypt for the spring semester, your mind is focused: Safety. Their safety. Comforting and advising parents. Working with the partner institutions abroad. Communication, even when there is no internet.

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Video Interview with Arnd Wächter, Director of “Crossing Borders” Film

Missy Gluckmann interviews Arnd Wächter, Director of the film "Crossing Borders" (April 2010).

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