MelibeeU: The Launch

After many months of reflecting, research, planning and writing, MelibeeU is launching this month!

Why? Because it is about being you.  (The “beeU is intentional!)

Being you = Trained. Informed. Inspired. Creative. Effective. Joyful.

MelibeeU is the new training space for Melibee Global.  It will officially launch next week, but I am so excited about it, I just have to share a tad with you!

MelibeeU will provide training/professional development opportunities that are:

  • Unique:  If they’re taught through MelibeeU, they’re original. Period.
  • Forward thinking:  We’re trying out new ideas here.  Innovation. Inspiring. Introspective. You won’t find it approached quite this way anywhere else.
  • Affordable: We realize how expensive some organizations’ professional development opportunities can be, especially for those of you who are students.  We will be addressing this through our pricing model, making it more affordable to learn, participate, contribute and grow.
  • Designed to help you approach your work with more confidence and joy: We have an obligation to uplift you so that you can continue to care for your employer(s), students and clients  – and YOURSELF – every day!

We’ll launch with TWO workshops (one in January, another in February.)  I promise, they’ll be worth waiting a tad longer to hear about!

If you have any ideas about training topics or guest presenters, please email with them. We sincerely value your input!  After all MelibeeU is about U (you!)

2012 is an exciting year here at Melibee.  You make it all possible.  Thank you for helping to make this community a truly special place.  We are filled with gratitude!


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