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How To Pursue a Career in International Education

Do your students return from study abroad with a new career goal in mind?  Have you worked in the field for many years but want to consider other international education options? Have you lived abroad and thought about pursuing your passion for intercultural training, but don’t know where to begin? Or perhaps you’re an experienced educator who wants to consult? Maybe you’ve been laid off or recently pursued a MA degree, but don’t know how to land your dream job?

There is a solution!

Melibee Global, in conjunction with Small Planet Studio, is offering a teleclass series to help those of you who are interested in a career in international education.  You can sign up for 1, 2 or 3 of the “How To” series of classes based on your interests and level of experience. Sessions will be recorded, so you can listen to the recording(s) if you can’t make the live session(s).

To learn more and/or to register for the “How To” class(es) please click here.


Short Term Study Abroad Teleclass (Free)

Please join me and Cate Brubaker, PhD (from www.smallplanetstudio.com) for a free teleclass on "The Top 5 Missteps in Short-Term Study Abroad Programming." Cate is a talented cross-cultural trainer that I have been working with over the past few months - she, too, is a big believer in collaboration.

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