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Perspective: The Real Value of an English Degree in the 21st Century

Based on the number of graduates who achieve professional success within their field of study, many academic experts have long considered collegiate degrees in English to be impractical and irrelevant. However, English is today considered the international language of business, and those who can communicate in it well hold great value within the global job market. In addition, widespread Internet access has enabled millions of proficient English speakers worldwide to work remotely from home.

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The 9/11 Memorial: Amplify Love, Dissipate Hate

I visited the 9/11 memorial this summer. Finally. It took a long time for me to feel "ready" to see this place after such tragedy in my beloved city. Instead of writing about it in words, I will share photos of what I saw. It was a quiet place, with the exception of the rushing water into the North and South pools. I hope to share that atmosphere with you.

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Re-entry: Problems and Solutions

#ReentryProblems - This is the Twitter hashtag that our Melibee interns insisted we use to get the word out about a new re-entry tool we're creating. Because re-entry problems exist and as educators we do our best to address them through gatherings, conferences and one on one mentoring. But we're busy...really busy. So, Melibee Global spent the better part of the spring and summer mulling over this topic. We asked ourselves how we could support educators who had little time to creatively address re-entry.

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