Re-entry: Problems and Solutions


This is the Twitter hashtag that my interns insisted that we use to get the word out about a new re-entry tool that we have created.

Because re-entry problems exist and as educators we do our best to address them through gatherings, conferences and one on one mentoring.

But we’re busy.  Really busy.

So, Melibee Global spent the better part of the spring and summer mulling over this topic. We asked ourselves how we could support educators who had little time to creatively address re-entry.

And we came up with a tool that is full of solutions.  Without focusing on what others are doing in the re-entry arena, we took out a blank piece of paper (or computer screen!) and imagined endless possibilities of how we could help educators encourage reflection after an experience abroad. We had countless meetings.  We tossed exercises that didn’t meet our standards.  We kept pushing and developed something we are really proud of.

We narrowed the list down to 14 re-entry exercises that encourage reflection and action.  You heard me right – 14!

These exercises are ideal for re-entry gatherings.  Some are playful.  Some are a bit more heady.  Some are 45 minutes.  Some are 2 hours.  We designed variations to enhance creativity.  We created a 1, 2 or 3 bee system to denote if the exercise is easy or takes some work to prepare. And we put it all together into a PDF that will be a great addition to your resource library.

To encourage dialogue around re-entry, we are setting up a FORUM space for anyone who purchases the tool.  This way you can share tips on the exercises, any new variations and ideas that spring to mind.

After all, we are big believers in collaboration.  It is so much better than competition!

This new re-entry tool will be ready in September.  It is in the hands of Melibee’s talented design team and they are handling it with great care.

Did I mention that it will be ridiculously affordable?  After all, we are Melibee – inspiring innovative international ideas – but they won’t break your bank, no matter your budget!

Click HERE for more information about this tool – Beyond Abroad:  Innovative Re-entry Exercises.





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