Welcome Back!

Oh my!  Time does fly!  Universities are starting up (or have done so already), your inbox is slammed, you’re excited and inspired…and ready for the sprint that is the fall!

Melibee has been working hard this summer to prepare some new tools and workshops to make your work (and life!) easier.  Check out the MelibeeU page periodically as new classes are being posted every week or so.

Our new re-entry exercise tool took up the bulk of our summer – and our fabulous designer is buzzing her way through it to make it gorgeous (and user friendly)!  Stay tuned on that one too!

I have several guest blog posts in the queue and a FREE new tool on ethics in study abroad that will launch later in the semester.  So much to share with you!

The Melibee speakers have also been busy  and are very excited to get out in the field to share their wisdom.  Steve Moore, our safety guru, has a new book (you can order it below):  “Special Agent Man: My Life in the FBI as a Terrorist Hunter, Helicopter Pilot and Certified Sniper.”  His book publisher is covering his travel for speaking engagements this fall, resulting in less direct costs for any bookings! Carrie Wagner is on a family sabbatical in Ecuador!  Her sons are in a local school and practicing the fine art of global citizenship as well as their new found Spanish language skills!  Carrie will be available again for speaking engagements this spring.  Will and Kane (our new speakers) taught youth spoken word workshops around the region and took their students to a national competition in California.  Aman and Bassam from 30 mosques actually stayed local this year and instead aggregated Ramadan data from around the world on their website.  Ibrahim Abdu-Matin presented at a conference in the Middle East. Things are indeed BUZZING with this outstanding group!  If you’d like to learn more about them for future speaking events, check them out here!

I am just coming off a much needed few days of vacation.  We drove to New York this past week and one of the highlights was visiting the 9/11 memorial.  My oh my, that deserves a blog post indeed!

As you buzz through the next few busy weeks, keep positive, inspired and know that YOU are helping to craft a more peaceful, thoughtful, joyful world!  Keep buzzing! 🙂