Professional Development: Alternatives to NAFSA and the Forum

So many international educators and graduate students are eager to attend international education conferences.  The challenge, of course, is funding.  It has become increasingly difficult, unless you work for a very well funded university or other organization, to receive approval to attend the two main conferences in our field – NAFSA and the Forum on Education Abroad.  They are such outstanding events, but the average educator is challenged with the cost of paying “out of pocket.”

To address this, MelibeeU will be offering several affordable, online professional development workshops during the weeks of both of these conferences.  All you need is a computer and phone line or mic.  There is no hotel charge, per diem for meals, or flights.  In fact, you can even wear your jeans to these events – they are all online – YET interactive (we use chat and voice technology for dialogue.) MelibeeU is also all about participation – so you will have opportunity to communicate, network and learn – even if you can’t be at NAFSA or the Forum this year.  (And if you are attending those conferences and still want to participate – even better!)

Please know that I do understand how hard it is to scrape up thousands of dollars to attend these face to face conferences.  It is important to me to ensure that no one else misses out on professional development because we ALL need it, even if your employer is facing budget cuts or you’re a student and simply can’t swing the additional expense.

I’d greatly value your input about what topics you would like covered online.  Please email me at or comment below.  I really do value your input!

If you haven’t heard much about MelibeeU yet, here is some feedback from our first two evaluations of workshop:

“This was my first webinar and while the overwhelmingly positive experience I had makes me want to participate in so many more, it will be difficult for future ones to live up to this one!  Very much exceeded my expectations.”

“The exercises … were very well chosen and implemented.”

“You handle yourself like a pro.”

“…You are obviously people who have thought deeply about these topics. I liked how the sessions were divided. Each one had clear PowerPoint with wonderful examples and other resources/recommendations.”

“Incredibly valuable information from both a philosophical and practical viewpoint.  You did a great job convening and facilitating the discussion throughout.”

“Your little examples here and there were so great – they were thoughtful and a variety of audiences could relate.”

 “It was obvious that my opinion was heard and valued.”

“Very good presenters and information.  The resources shared are extremely helpful!”

“Resource guide is really great…very helpful…”

Be sure to check MelibeeU in the coming weeks for the schedule!