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Interview with Missy Gluckmann, Melibee’s Founder

Here are my thoughts on gap year vs. study abroad, global citizenship, the Melibee speakers series, what inspires me to write my blog and more!

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Weeping Alongside Rep. Keith Ellison Today

Representative Keith Ellison, the US's first Muslim American elected to Congress, wept today as he shared the story of Mohammed Salman Habdani, a young Muslim-American who died at the World Trade Center on 9/11.

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Islam and the West: Clashing Beliefs or Common Values?

“Islam and the West: Clashing Beliefs or Common Values?” seeks to deconstruct both the Middle East’s and America’s conceptions of the “Other” by finding common ground to stand on. Samuel Huntington’s theory of the clash of civilizations has dominated our perceptions of the other side of the world, but we must ask ourselves, is it with good reason? Crossing Borders uses the shared experiences of four American and four Moroccan students to bridge the supposedly vast gap between the Muslim world and the West. During their journey through Morocco, these students find that they are not so different after all.

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Melibee Global Update

Coming up on Melibee Global:

* Part 2 of Carrie Wagner's interview. Carrie is the author of Village Wisdom. (Here is part 1 for those who haven't seen it yet.)

* Commentary on the Amanda Knox case. A controversial movie about the case will air on Monday, February 21st on Lifetime channel in the US. It will also be followed by a documentary about the case. I'll once again explore how this impacts study abroad.

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“Vlog” Video Blog 1: Feedback on Colby College in China

This past week, I received several emails about the Colby College incident in China and therefore want to share the dialogue that took place ‘behind the scenes’ at Melibee.

This is the first time I’m “vlogging,” so please let me know if this format should be used periodically. Apologizes for the “extreme close up” also! When I filmed it, there was a lot more space around my head. (Ah, technology – I am learning, slowly but surely!)

UPDATE/CORRECTION (February 17, 2011):  Per Brian Whalen, the Forum’s Incident Database Project would capture incidents of significance of this type, but none have been reported so far. The Forum will issue an annual report at the end of the summer, but they are in the process of collecting monthly data and continue to sign up institutions and programs that are reporting.  The report will be issued on an annual basis.

Sustainability in International Education: Interview with Michael Despines

Missy Gluckmann, Founder of Melibee Global, interviews Michael Despines, Sustainability Consultant, regarding issues of climate change/sustainability and international education.

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Interview with Melibee Global’s Founder, Missy Gluckmann, featured on Wandering Educators

WanderingEducators.com - the photo is from a flight that I took from San Jose to Quepos (Costa Rica).

While I’m the one who is usually looking for people to interview for my blog, I was humbled to be asked to be interviewed by Dr. Jessie Voigts from Wandering Educators.

Wandering Educators is an international community of traveling educators. It serves as a resource for discovering extraordinary travel destinations, fascinating people, and global artists and photographers, among our many published articles.  As the largest source of travel guide reviews on the internet, it is a place site you’ll want to bookmark! With more than 35 editors, they represent nations around the world and a plethora of intercultural and travel-related areas. Their audience is diverse – travelers who are K-12 teachers (US system), homeschoolers,  students, higher education professors and administrators, as well as life long learners.

After being interviewed by Dr. Voigts and learning about her inspiring background, I asked her to write a guest post for Melibee Global in the near future.  I look forward to sharing her piece with you in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, here is her interview about Melibee Global.  Please let me know what you think!

And let me add how grateful I am to have been recognized by such a valuable resource in the field. It is certainly a very humbling experience.