Wish List – Melibee Needs Your Input

I have received many email messages of gratitude about specific posts – and I sincerely thank you for taking the time to write to me with such humbling words.

In an effort to share information that is most useful to you, I’d like your input.  Please take a moment to comment on your Melibee wish list?  Is there a book that you’ve read that you want highlighted?  Do you want more ESL tools?  Who would you like me to interview next? Do you need more tools for students who are exploring study abroad? Repatriation advice?  Travel tips?

Is there something you want LESS of?

Your wish is my command – so please take a moment to comment (simply by hitting the comment on the upper right of this post) or email me directly if that is more comfortable.

Before I wrap for the weekend, there are 3 more updates for Melibee readers:

1) I will soon be interviewing the author of an exquisite book, 15 years in the making, about her experience in Uganda.  I’ve got a few other surprises on upcoming speakers series and a new, innovative conference idea that I hope to announce soon.

2) Melibee is offering an advertising rate special for December and January. If you know of anyone who would like to reach a very niche market of educators, advisers, students and travelers, please have them contact me.

3) The biggest complement that you can give to Melibee is to share our posts on Facebook, Twitter or email it to friends and colleagues.  I greatly appreciate your support.