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Ten Years Ago: The 9/11 post

Ten years ago. TEN. Blue skies. Slightly crisp air. A normal day. At home, on hold for a tri-regional conference call with the TV on. News reports a plane hit the towers. I saw and thought, immediately, that is NOT an accident. When you’re from New York, you know that you can’t hit the towers or any other building by accident. You typically fly up one of the rivers, high above the city, but close enough that you can easily identify the towering buildings. But no, you can’t accidentally hit one. Not possible.

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The Transformative Power of Intercultural Experiences

As an educator, I believe that intercultural experiences have an important role to play in a world situation that is – to say the least – very confusing. This year, 2011, marks a decade since the tragic events of September 11. Today's undergraduate college students were eight to twelve years old in 2001 and consequently have spent their intellectually formative years with post-9/11 media coverage, little of which addressed the need for intercultural understanding.

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The Ninth Anniversary of 9/11 and our Profound Responsibility to Work Toward Peace

The 9th anniversary of 9/11 - an opinion from a New Yorker and international educator.

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